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Money Spells

MONEY SPELLS What Are Money Spells? Money spells are rituals and ceremonies that aim to bring wealth and prosperity into an individual’s life. They can be used for a number of purposes, including increasing the flow of money within a business, helping someone win the lottery or attracting more clients to a service. Hello, I …

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Cleansing Spell

Cleansing Spell For Wealth | Health | Love Cleansing spell rituals are used to cleanse an individual or environment or Businesses’ of negative energies, thoughts, emotions and habits. They can be done with the help of a professional witch or shaman, or simply by yourself with some basic supplies. Hello, I am Mama Isabella. I …

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Love Spells Chants

What is a Love Spell Chant?  Love spell chants are a repeated rhythmic phrase, said or sung many times acting like a meditation or prayer. Chanting a spell for love can produce wonderful results in your life. The difference between a prayer and a chant is that the chant could be a simple phrase (like a mantra) that can …

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Spell For Lost Love

Spell for lost love If you’re looking for love and feel like you’ve lost your way, you may be considering using spells to find it. Love spells have been used for centuries as a way to help people find the love they’re looking for. But how do they work?   Hello, I am Mama Isabella. …

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